Linda regularly teaches courses and gives presentations. Read more about the wonderful variety of courses you can bring to your community.

Live Food Health
These classes will take students into three stages of transformation
1) Raw food, natural hygene: Three weeks to cleanse and experience the exquisite taste
of natural food.
2) Gentle Eating: two weeks of eating small portions
3) Living from communion and teaching that true life and sustenance is from the divinity within us. This program takes us into the contemplative life.

A Body of Light
Teaching women to be Emissaries of Light

Integrating Awareness with Being
12 lessons available as live workshops or Home Lesson Modules on CD

NEW! Ongoing 'Women of Wisdom' Classes
Join an inspiring group of women to share wisdom, stories, as advice about women fulfilling their
destinies. Call (360) 734-0311 for more information.

The Miraculous Power of the Lord's Prayer
The 68 words of this prayer were given to us 2,000 years ago and still lift us to spiritual heights today.

Alchemy of the Heart
Awaken to your own expanded truth and completeness.

The Gift of Recognition
Profound world-healing work is accomplished when we give others the
gift of recognizing their completeness.

Healing the Sense of Separation
There is a way to live as a witness or beholder which makes old thinking inoperable.

The Secret Place of Most High
The stillness of meditation opens up a reality that provides Kingdom of God living.

Quantum Healing
Through knowing these absolute truths, sudden, significant, and dramatic healing takes place.

Abundance Realized
Providing interpretation of the most magnificent scriptures and revelations to take away the veils of lackand limitation. This course will open up a new realization of infinite abundance.

The Radiance
Your light is contagious and is capable of igniting the world around you.